Hiii there beautiful! My name is Teresa Renèe & I am so stoked that you found your way to my website!

As someone who believes/encourages soulful connection, it only seems right to give you some info about who I am & what I do! I can’t wait to get to know the rad human reading this!

-I am saved by His INCREDIBLE grace

– I love hiking but I’m probably the slowest hiker known to man. I’m more of a stop & smell the windflowers kind of gal

-I got my first tattoo while my sister & I were backpacking through Ireland & my second while traveling to New Zealand with one of my BFFS

-TV shows are my favorite thing. When I watch them, my heart becomes fully invested & I start thinking of them as real people

-I love road trips, blaring my music & driving with the windows rolled down

-I find it super attractive when someone replies to my sarcastic comment with another sarcastic comment

-Surprising people is my love language. So much so, that my family just expects me to come & they are no longer surprised when I show up on their doorstep

-Old people are my favorite. I could sit & listen to them talk for hours on end

-If you play the guitar or piano, I’ll probably love you

-I graduated from the NAIT Photography Program on the Dean’s Honour Roll in spring of 2015

-I LOVE laughing & making people laugh. Laughter, you know? It’s soul healing

-I walk barefooted 94% of the time. One day I bought shoes & my mom was so proud that she instagramed a picture of me holding my new kicks haha


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