1. I have lived in calgary for almost five years and I still get butterflies every time I look at the city skyline. I take that as confirmation that I am still supposed to be living here. 
  2. I grew up in a small town in northern Alberta. Its called La Crete and it is the most idyllic, weird, hospitable place.
  3. Growing up in such an isolated place, surrounded by nothing but fields, forests and hills started my obsession with the outdoors. I love being in the wild.
  4. I started my photography business when I was 19 and thought I knew exactly what I was doing, looking back, I did not. 
  5. I laugh a lot and very easily. I think it’s because I like to make people feel good about themselves. So even if your not funny, hang with me and I’ll be sure to boost your ego.
  6. I also cry a lot and very easily. I think it’s a beautiful gift
  7. Growing up, I hated reading because my sister would always choose reading over playing outside with me. But now, reading is one of my favorite things to do and occasionally, we get to read together 
  8. Family means so much to me. I have a traditional nuclear home, two parents, two sisters and one brother. We all live in different cites and its the worst decision we’ve ever made 
  9. My friends are an extension of me. i love them so so much. i get to do life, birthdays, Mondays, pregnancies, weddings, breakups, hard times and good times with them.
  10. I’ve played basketball my whole life (went to NAIT in 2013 to play in college, this is where I found my love of photography)
  11. Iced coffee is better than hot coffee, even in the dead of winter 
  12. I love going to concerts, the movies and live shows because i love getting to experience something for the first time with a group of strangers
  13. I am a type 2 on the enneagram and an INFP-T on the Myers Briggs
  14. I believe love wins. We don’t need to complicate things. Love wins. period. 
  15. I attend Kensington commons church and i have yet to go to a service and not cry at least once 
  16. I have one niece and four nephews (and one honorary nephew, judah) and I would die for all of them 
  17. I am lucky to still have two sets of grandparents. Both have been married for over 60 years and I absolutely adore them.
  18. I travel a lot. Occasionally to “bucket list” places but more often than not, it’s just my car, my music and I driving to some small town somewhere in canada. I drive A LOT, canada is huge. 
  19. I believe people are trying their very best with the tools that they have at their disposal 
  20. I have watched “The Office”, “Parks n Rec”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Mindy Project” and “Friends” more times than I can count (kinda embarrassing but it is what it is. i feel god in this chillies, i got my ankles microwaved, oy with the poodles already, i weigh nothing, i’m making fajitas!)
  21. I think New York might be the most magical place in the world 
  22.  I love words. One of my favourite quotes is, “I want to unfold. Let no place in me hold itself closed. For where I am closed, I am false. I want to stay clear in your sight.” 
  23. I believe we need each other. We need human connection. We need light. We need love. 


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