Alana is one of my nearest & dearest friends.  For quite a while now, she has been super into blogging & as of recently she is getting into photography!! WOO HOO (another photography pal!)


As most of you know, this spring I graduated from the Nait Photographic Technology Program. In our first year, I got super caught up in competition & wanting to be the best or get the best grades. but as I met more & more people in the Photography Community, I realized it was just that. A COMMUNITY. A group of individuals who are passionate about the same thing & want to SHARE knowledge, ideas, get together for collaborations, & just have relationships & fellowship. I didn’t realized how much I longed for this desire. To be able to sit down & talk for hours upon hours about some of our photography dreams & goals! I LOVE THIS. I love community. I love fellowship. We are not here to compete, there are enough clients for all of us- we are here to support others, to believe in their dreams when they can’t believe in their own. To encourage, to help, to share, to learn from each other & to grow into who we are suppose to become as humans & as photographers. As Ben Sasso would say, let’s have community over competition. Let’s be awesome TOGETHER!

Check out Alana’s blog & recent work here: Glowing Dreams– she is truly an amazing human being. Gentle & kind in all she does. If you were to book a session with her, you would be complimented, you would laugh & you would feel beautiful! Below is a little message from her- La Crete friends, get in on this! ♡

“Hey La Crete friends! I would love to photograph anyone who is wanting to get some photos done! We’re only in La Crete until August 21st, so let me know by sending me a message. I’m super excited to be starting out on this journey, and I’d love to see you along the way! ♡” -Alana

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