Freedom Sessions, 09.30.15


I believe that we, as women believe a lot of lies about ourselves. Whether it be an opinion that someone has about you or a breakup that left you feeling worthless we begin to buy into those feelings and those lies. There are soooo many lies that I tend to believe about myself. Things like “you are worthless,” “you are not enough,” “you are unworthy,” “you are not loved or desired,” “you are forgotten,” and “you are broken and too much work to fix.” These and so many other lies, allow our hearts to become heavy, burdened and hidden. We hide ourselves because we believe that there is no beauty to unveil. We are afraid of being left behind, afraid of being vulnerable again and getting hurt. So we harden our hearts and say, “This will never happen to me again.” And then we proceed to do everything in our power to make that the truth. We hide behind our fake smiles, we hide behind busy schedules. We make ourselves so busy so that we don’t have a second to stop and actually listen to our hurting, captive heart. But my desire, is for us to stop. To stop believing these lies and instead be covered, emerged, and flooded with truth. The truth that you are beautiful. You are worth fighting for. You are not alone. You are desired. You are worthy of love. You are chosen. You have purpose. You are cared for. You are looked after. You are valued and important. You and your story matter. You are significant. You are enough. You are immensely loved – passionately and fiercely. I believe this with my whole heart – with everything in me.


You may feel broken and in bondage from the lies that you have been believing for years but I’m here to let you know that there is freedom!! There is freedom for your burdened soul. In that freedom, you will find life, hope, joy and peace. These sessions are a safe place for you to come and let go of all of the hurt, anger, bitterness, and lies you’ve been believing. It is a time to stop from our busy schedules and to be covered in truth- to start believing the truth and stop hiding behind all of the lies. I can promise that this session will probably push you outside of your comfort zone, and I can promise that I won’t ask easy questions- not because I need to know, but because I believe that there is more for your heart and I want to see freedom and breakthrough. I believe in truth. I believe in freedom. I believe in love. So I can’t promise that you will be comfortable but I can promise that you will be in a safe place- a place where you can share your heart and your story. Free from judgment. Whether this be in a riverbed surrounded by the tallest mountains, or somewhere in a quiet room, I want you to be able to quiet your heart and start believing the truth. I promise that my truest desire is to see chains be broken and for you to see what I see in you. I see a fighter. I see beauty. I see someone who is worth it. I see someone who is strong. I see someone who is loved – as you are. You are loved. Fiercely. Deeply. Passionately.


I know that these session won’t be for everyone, but I do believe that the words above are. So still your heart, quiet your mind & let love wash over you. Please don’t hesitate to message me if you want more info about these freedom sessions! or if you simply want to share your heart with me, I would LOVE to hear from you ♡

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you are loved. xo, t