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I am SO honored to travel throughout Canada for your beautiful, intimate, weddings. I am SO thankful that you beautiful humans TRUST me enough to come and document one of the most important days of your life. It still blows my mind every single time I get a lengthy email about why you want me to be there for your wedding day and what the day is going to look like. It [...]

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When I was a fresh out of photo college student, I was terrified to take any photos in harsh light/in the middle of the day/ basically anything that was not back lit. This is something that I think most photographers struggle with because being in the photography industry we hear things like "only shoot in golden hour" or "harsh lighting is unflattering." But my frien[...]

// I love, love, LOVE photographing other individuals who are passionate about their craft. Steven, is coming out with his first EP Album & I got to photograph the artwork for it!! So stoked/honoured to get to connect with creative, like minded, passionate humans! Let’s support each other as artists & watch each other succeed!! WOOOHOOO. Community > Competi[...]

graduation sessions are just so SO much fun. i lovvveee spending time with all of you RAD graduates. while my main love is weddings/couples, graduates are just such a breath of fresh air/have such a different energy that they bring to the front of my lens & it is just so so GOOD. Thank you Hannah for being epic/the  coolest/such a beauty. i had such a blast with y[...]

Freedom Sessions, 09.30.15 I believe that we, as women believe a lot of lies about ourselves. Whether it be an opinion that someone has about you or a breakup that left you feeling worthless we begin to buy into those feelings and those lies. There are soooo many lies that I tend to believe about myself. Things like "you are worthless," "you are not enough," "you a[...]


There is so much beauty behind the skin of a women. The beauty of her mind & soul. The beauty of the way she see's the earth & how she fits into it. Let's stop being distracted by outward beauty & change the way we think about it. Let's make it something that is more than a measurement & more than perfect skin & hair. Let's find the beauty within. [...]


Kaileen & I have been friends for forever. She just recently moved to Edmonton in the fall & of course, we decided we wanted to be roommates!  Since we have known each other for so long & are quite different from each other- people are always asking us what it is like to live together (expecting us to say something negative) BUT that is never the case. Kai[...]