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Cayla & Tim 1 Year | Drumheller

I shot Cayla & Tim's wedding last summer & to celebrate one year of marriage, I got to photograph the two of them again on the same weekend as their wedding a year prior <3 I love watching how couples grow & change & fall deeper in love as the years go on. Returning clients you are my absolute favourite!! Let's do this every year until you are old &[...]

Kassandra & Luke | Edmonton

Kass & Luke wanted an engagement session that reflected who they are as a couple, so we started their session in their sweet, new home. They made coffee for each other, played one of their favourite games, and played some sweet guitar for each other. Luke is Italian, so we ended the session in "Little Italy", walking around & eating gelato. Oh how I love and a[...]

Will & Leah | Drumheller

Leah instagramed one of these images this week with the caption: "Thanks for praying for me, long before you loved me." I am so beyond thankful that I GET to photograph love stories for a living. That adventuring to The Badlands & taking stunning images of stunning people is my job! Wowwowowowooww, so thankful. [...]

Lisa & Greg | La Crete

// My best since 2009 is pregnant! I got to watch her turn into this woman who seeks after Jesus with all that she is. I got to watch her marry the love of her life. I got to watch her move to another country. I got to watch her journey through life. & now, I get to watch her become a mother. I feel so honored. [...]

Jocelyn & Devyn | Red Deer

// In the back of my head, I kind of decided that I would only take weddings this summer that truly reflected me as a person/business slash I didn’t really want to travel anywhere that I didn’t love. I lived in Edmonton for two years & don’t get me wrong, the people there are amazing & some of my favourites but I just didn’t love the idea of going back there t[...]

Amy & Justin | Banff

// SO. MUCH. LAUGHTER. That’s all I can think of when I think of Amy & Justin & our time together. They just radiate such joy. There is something that I do with my clients where I will ask them questions throughout each of my sessions/ ask them to do specific things. & one of the things I normally ask is - “Within the next 10 seconds, it is your job to mak[...]