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Woods Family | Drumheller

Other than tripod self portraits and selfies, this was the first time The Woods Family had a family session & I was so honored to be the first one to document them. We met in the Badlands & go to adventure throughout them. Family session where they adventure and giggle together as a family is my favourite. I am so thankful that adventuring to epic places like [...]

Gregson Family | Grande Prairie

Going into this family session, we had no idea we were going to be joined by some very kind, friendly llamas. I am so thankful for adventurous clients & friends, it makes a regular session that much more epic.  

Peters Family | La Crete

The Peters Family were my next door neighbors growing up, their yard right down the road from ours. It was so special for me to get to come onto their yard after all these years and get to see them as grown, amazing, inspiring individuals. Mrs. Peters gave me the biggest hug at the end of the session and told me how much she appreciated me and how lovely it had been t[...]

Morris Family | La Crete

This is the fourth year in a row that I have got the amazing blessing of documenting this adorable family!! & let me tell you, with each passing year they become more comfortable in front of the camera, more comfortable with me and love each other so well throughout the family session. I love seeing the connection of each family member with the other. To see their[...]

Lisa and Greg have been my best friends since Jr. High, so I was honoured when they asked me to document their first born, coming into the world. Yikes, I am so thankful, so overwhelmed and so emotional when I look back at these photos from that beautiful day in February.  I live in Calgary and my friends live in the town I grew up in which is 10 hours away. So when L[...]