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new assistant !!!!!

exciting news !!!! i have hired my very first assistant / second shooter for the busy summer months !!!! everybody, drum roll please for mr. jeremy fehr !!! i’m sure you recognize him from my posts / insta stories but if not let me introduce him a little bit. jer & i grew up together in the same town & became best buddies when we were 16 + 17. in 2015 we both[...]

Morris Family | La Crete

This is the fourth year in a row that I have got the amazing blessing of documenting this adorable family!! & let me tell you, with each passing year they become more comfortable in front of the camera, more comfortable with me and love each other so well throughout the family session. I love seeing the connection of each family member with the other. To see their[...]

Natalee | Mentoring Week

The cutest, Natalie Faith came to Calgary for a FULL week of mentoring/work experience/adventuring!! I believe in Community over Competition so I am ALWAYS willing to have photography students come and shadow me for a day or a week! If you are interested in shadowing me for a week or just meeting up for coffee with me - I would be so honoured! I would love to talk pho[...]

Eden | YYC

When I was a fresh out of photo college student, I was terrified to take any photos in harsh light/in the middle of the day/ basically anything that was not back lit. This is something that I think most photographers struggle with because being in the photography industry we hear things like "only shoot in golden hour" or "harsh lighting is unflattering." But my frien[...]

// I love, love, LOVE photographing other individuals who are passionate about their craft. Steven, is coming out with his first EP Album & I got to photograph the artwork for it!! So stoked/honoured to get to connect with creative, like minded, passionate humans! Let’s support each other as artists & watch each other succeed!! WOOOHOOO. Community > Competi[...]

Mandi & Tola | Calgary

// When your best friends double as models it becomes necessary to photograph them. I am actually so V thankful for the previous sentence & for these two humans that are SO powerful & influential #blessed //  

graduation sessions are just so SO much fun. i lovvveee spending time with all of you RAD graduates. while my main love is weddings/couples, graduates are just such a breath of fresh air/have such a different energy that they bring to the front of my lens & it is just so so GOOD. Thank you Hannah for being epic/the  coolest/such a beauty. i had such a blast with y[...]

Freedom Sessions, 09.30.15 I believe that we, as women believe a lot of lies about ourselves. Whether it be an opinion that someone has about you or a breakup that left you feeling worthless we begin to buy into those feelings and those lies. There are soooo many lies that I tend to believe about myself. Things like "you are worthless," "you are not enough," "you a[...]