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Burkina Faso

There is not a lot of words that I have for my time in Burkina Faso. Only that I became very aware of God’s Kingdom during my time with God’s people. That not a heart goes unseen by Him and that His love is always enough. I am so thankful for every human I came into contact with. For every hug + handshake, for every laugh and every tear. I am so thankful and so excite[...]

This month has been wild busy & I wouldn’t have it ANY other way. Kicked off the year by shooting my FIRST international wedding, announced my FIRST ever workshop, booked my GOAL amount of weddings for 2018 and in celebration, bought a new camera!! (The FujiFilm X100F for those of you asking!!) It’s been BUSY but so GOOD. My first international wedding was in Tulu[...]

I am SO honored to travel throughout Canada for your beautiful, intimate, weddings. I am SO thankful that you beautiful humans TRUST me enough to come and document one of the most important days of your life. It still blows my mind every single time I get a lengthy email about why you want me to be there for your wedding day and what the day is going to look like. It [...]


// When your family lives 10 hours away, it becomes necessary to find people who become your family. This trip with my beautiful friends only happened a few months ago, but within these few, short months; they have become my family. The people I would drop everything for. The ones I would feel comfortable waking up in the middle of the night if I needed them. I am so [...]

New Zealand

// Oh man. There are no ways to describe how incredible this trip was. How meaningful it was to my journey as a human & how much the people & this place forever shaped my heart. I traveled with my grade 2 bff/ college roommate Kaileen & we met our two friends who are living out in NZ. Our time together was short, but intentional. Since we only had two week[...]

Bear Hump

// Adventures with my a few of my favourite people has got to be one of the best things that this life has to offer. We hike together, we camp together, we laugh together, we encourage one & another & are there for each other in the good & bad. // [...]