My sister & I both just graduated from College. I, from NAIT in the Photographic Technology Program & Shelley from RDC in the Education Program. Going to Europe after college has always been a plan/dream of ours & I can’t even believe that it actually happened! Our plan in the beginning was to backpack throughout all of Europe- but after talking about it a lot, we decided to just choose one country so we could really experience the culture of the place & I am so thankful that we chose Ireland!

Our first two weeks in Ireland were spent in Dublin, Howth, Glendalough, Waterford, Tramore & Cork. We spent our first six days in the beautiful city of Dublin. Exploring the city, eating good food, finding the local pubs with the raddest people & getting over our jet leg, haha.

My trip to Ireland will be split up into two blog posts mainly because the first two weeks were more touristy/city like stuff and the last two weeks (which were my favourite) we started going along the coast and did a lot more small town/epic scenery stuff. It will also be split up because I took FAR too many photos to have them all fit into one post, haha.

If you are ever in Ireland (which you probably should be) these were a few of our highlights of our first two weeks out in this beautiful country:

Highlights of Dublin: Trinity College (got to see the Book of Kels!), St.Patricks Cathedral, Temple Bar, Dublin Castle & the Phoenix Park.

Highlights of Waterford area: Copper Coast, Geoff’s Pub

Cork was probably our least favourite place from the whole month in Ireland but ironically enough, it had THE best food. Highlights: The Fish Wife (the BEST fish & chips in all of Ireland), Burger Bistro (probably the best burgers we ever had in our whole life) & Blarney Castle (we kissed the Blarney stone!!)


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