// In the back of my head, I kind of decided that I would only take weddings this summer that truly reflected me as a person/business slash I didn’t really want to travel anywhere that I didn’t love. I lived in Edmonton for two years & don’t get me wrong, the people there are amazing & some of my favourites but I just didn’t love the idea of going back there to shoot weddings until the dear, sweet Jocelyn emailed me. Jocelyn’s email was long & detailed her every feeling & thought towards her fiance, Devyn & she voiced how highly she adored me & my work. The email brought me to tears because it was just so sincere and thought out. She said things like she didn’t care what my price was, if it meant that I would be the one documenting their love story. I now feel honoured & privileged to get to go to Edmonton to photograph their wedding this summer. For me, it’s no longer about the location, or about the venue or any of that… For me, it’s about the people. About their hearts behind why they are getting married/ why they want me as their photographer. I would choose Edmonton with Jocelyn & Devyn over the top of mountain with two people who didn’t truly care for each other & for the people around them. It is  about heart for me. About your intentions. About your love. About you as humans – not just about your wedding location. I am so thankful for Jocelyn & Devyn and for their beautifully sincere, caring hearts. They laughed together at the engagement session & they cried together. I am so thankful for authentic, caring couples.