January Encouragement:
Last year was one of the hardest years I have ever had. In my personal life and in my business. There was this sense of difficulty in almost every single area of my life. I only booked 8 weddings going into the year, (which is less than half the amount that I typically book in a season) so I was worried, disappointed & discouraged going into my year. I felt like I was doing all of this work to be a great photographer and yet was not booking the amount of weddings I needed or wanted. My heart was filled with so much anxiety and disappointment. Am I not good enough? Is God telling me that I shouldn’t be a photographer anymore? Is there something else I am suppose to be doing? Why is this season so slow?
It takes time.
I am faithful.
Trust me.
God was persistent & constant with these words last year.
It takes time.
Trust me.”
I thought this meant that by waiting a few more months, I would have a fully booked wedding season by the end of the year… this was not the case. My season was slow, hard, lonely and discouraging. But that was not where I stayed. These words are for any photographer, or anyone who is in a season of waiting, a season that is slow, a season that seems useless and discouraging; these words are for you.
If there is a desire of your heart that doesn’t goes away, regardless of the season you are in – I am here to tell you that it is there for a purpose!! Hold onto it. Don’t wish it away. Embrace it. & embrace this season of waiting. There is purpose in the waiting. I want to remind you that God is not cruel and disconnected from the deep desires and passions of your heart. He sees them & wants them to become a reality in the right season. God is not ignoring your heart and your desires. But maybe right now, he is asking you to wait. Asking you to trust him. Asking you to believe that He is faithful in fulfilling what is good for you & your life.
It takes time.
& wait.

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