The 5 of us packed up & piled into the truck and headed out to Kaihla & Mark’s special spot in the mountains. We left our shoes, picked out the perfect spot, took a moment to take it all in, then the ceremony began.

As Julie (the commissioner) began, I had to hold back tears as the rain began to fall lightly- & then all at once. Kaihla & Mark stood there, surrounded by the cathedral of nature, with their bare feet on the earth, and a smile on their faces as they vowed their love & their life to each other. It was breathtaking. Captivating. Mesmerizing. Something so beautiful that I have always dreamt of being part of. This overwhelming peace gushed over me as the rain continued to pour relentlessly & I had to stop for a second to hold back tears. In todays world, marriage doesn’t mean much, vows have little meaning- but as I was watching two of my incredible friends get lost in each other’s eyes, I felt peace. I felt honesty & love pouring out of their hearts. It wasn’t this over-dramatic day of worrying about what dress to wear or how to have the perfect hair, no. It was simple. It was honest. It was raw & it was real. From the heart. True, love.

The rain let up just as they had their first kiss as husband & wife. It was perfect. I have always loved the rain & will always choose to dance in it. On this day however, it wasn’t a dancing kind of day- but instead it was a day of standing in it & embracing the drops. Beholding it in all of it’s glory. Allowing it to wash away the past, & start new. It was the perfect symbol for Kaihla & Mark as they start this new journey with the one they love most. Kaihla & Mark embraced each other as we did portraits & couldn’t stop smiling as the reality of what just happened set in. It was magical & I truly believe I caught a glimpse of what true, honest real love looks like.

We ended the night with Fish Tacos, laughter & good conversation, it was the perfect end to an amazing- goose bump- filled day! Congrats you two, I love you both so much & I am so thankful for your part in my adventure. Can not wait to celebrate with you both in Golden, BC in a few short weeks! <3


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