“I want to be with you

I don’t want to be with you because you have the perfect body or because I want to be able to call you mine. While both are true statements, they’re not why I want to be with you.

I want to be with you because I want to spend my life with my best friend. I want to be up at 3:00 in the morning playing old video games, laughing about the stupidest things. I want to be able to look over at you and both of us crack up because we know what the other is thinking.

I want to be with you, not for the long love poems, but for the in between the lines gestures that make my heart race. A joking “you’re perfect” or when our hands meet for a brief second.

I want to be with you because you make me happy. Not the empty happiness that comes from empty words. Happiness that makes me whole as you make me laugh until I’m gasping for breath. Happiness that only you can create.

I want to be with you because I’m lucky enough to call you my best friend. I was lucky enough to find someone that is my ray of sunshine, lighting up my life.

I want to be with you because I love you.”

Kaitlyn & Paul are not only hilarious, but are kind & thoughtful people. Their big day was filled with so much laughter & love, surrounded by the people who they love most. The ceremony was one of my favourites. Everybody gathered around the isle and waited as Kaitlyn walked through the beautiful scenery to meet Paul at the front of the isle. It was beautiful. Everyone was calm & relaxed, sure of the love before them. We spent the evening listening to stories of the two of them & dancing the night away. Thank you Kaitlyn & Paul for being so amazing & allowing Tegan & I to be part of your beautiful big day!

Second Shooter: Tegan Jay Photography

Hair & Makeup: Deborah Anne

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