coming from a town where a lot of people get married when they are super young, i never know how a session is going to go with people who are younger. but my oh my, this love is so real, so true, so powerful. i spent karen & carson’s engagement session, in awe of these two wonderful humans who have not only loved each other through the good & bad- but who have chosen to stay, & fight for their real love. their session brought me to tears when i asked karen a way that carson had made her feel loved. she instantly started crying. the weight & the depth of this love is something that you can’t judge by age, or experience. people spend their lives trying to find a love as constant & caring as their love is. so keep loving each other, you guys are doing it right. i am so thankful for these two & i am so honoured to be photographing their 2016 wedding! love you guys. thank you for being fearlessly yourselves.

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