my best friend and her husband have been living in South Carolina for the past two years & it was about time that I visited them! i am so blessed by their relationship day after day & so very thankful for my ten days of awesomeness with them. xo, t 791-storyboard 792-storyboard 793-storyboard 794-storyboard 795-storyboard 796-storyboard 797-storyboard 798-storyboard 799-storyboard 800-storyboard 801-storyboard 802-storyboard 803-storyboard 804-storyboard 805-storyboard 806-storyboard 807-storyboard 808-storyboard 809-storyboard 810-storyboard 811-storyboard 812-storyboard 813-storyboard 814-storyboard 815-storyboard 816-storyboard