// I am so thankful for my clients that I just instantly connect with & feel comfortable with right from the get go. I instantly wanted to know everything about these two because they just draw you in with their kindness & the way in which they love each other. We went hiking together for their engagement session & they are just that couple that gets it. Mandi & Greg just get it. We spent a large portion of the hike talking about their relationship & why they were having a small, intimate wedding & it was just the most beautiful thing to hear. They understand that it’s not about the big production that sometimes society has formed weddings to be. They know it’s not about the big ring, or about what colour of dress the bridesmaids wear, or about any of the decoration. They get that all of those things are just that, things. They are just things. & what truly matters is love. What matters is each other. What matters is their need & desire for one another. What matters is focusing on this commitment they are making for the rest of their lives. The commitment to choose each other, day after day. Storm after storm, they are choosing each other. Mandi & Greg lightened my spirits and focused it back onto what truly matters; love. Love wins.