I believe in living life with heart; I believe in soulful connection—rooted in togetherness— that allows me to fully feel alongside of you. I believe in hope, I believe in light in the darkest storms & I believe in a love that casts out all fear. I believe life is about people. It’s about connection & that we need each other to cry with, to laugh with, to love with & to lift each other up when life is just too hard. I believe in a love that always trusts, always hopes & persevere, no matter what the situation. I believe in love.

After being in the photography business for about a year, I craved a change; something deeper, something more than the images I was getting from my sessions. It felt like everything I was doing was routine. I thought of the poses they would do prior to the session, I knew how everything was going to go before the couple even arrived. & it was the exact same with every. single. couple. Yes, they were kind, cute, & in love – but while looking at my images, that is not what came across. the couples, (not through any fault of their own) – look staged, posed, generic & that’s because… they were! We would rush through the session pose after pose, without even allowing them to stop & take time to say a simple “i love you.” or “you look beautiful today.” It was basically me saying okay, now you put your hand there & laugh. There was no real, true emotion & that was simply because I was not giving them the space & the time to truly interact and love on each other throughout the session.

I have set up beloved sessions like a date with the person you love the very most. It gives you the time & space to truly stop & love on each other. Throughout the session, I will ask you a variety of questions, for example “Austin, tell Val three things that you love most about her.” As I ask you questions about your relationship & the life you have built together, it will evoke genuine emotion & honest, heartwarming interaction. This session is about you. About your love. About your relationship. About falling deeper in love & growing together. When you look back at these photos, you will not think “oh that’s when Teresa told me kiss her on the forehead.” Instead, it will be, “oh, that’s when Val told me that when I made her soup, it made her feel loved & cared for & it was the moment she fell in love with me.” I want these sessions to be a reflection of your love that you have for each other. For you to truly be able to stop & reflect on the life you have built & the one you are continuing to build.