A photo a day for the 100 days of summer //

“Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.” – David Alan Harvey

I am dedicating this summer to photographing my personal life. Photos of the people that matter most to me & photos of my daily life, no matter how mundane it may seem. I believe that every stage of life is important & worth documenting & I really want fully capture this stage of my life. The quote above (my favourite) is my theme for this “Unscripted Summer.” For me, it’s not about getting the perfect shot, with the best light for the daily photo- but it’s about capturing the feeling of the day. Was there warmth from the sun on my face that day? Was the day filled with wholesome talk? Was it a stressful day? Was it a peaceful day? Was it a laughter-filled day? Whatever the case, I will do my very best to capture that feeling so I can hold onto it long after the summer is done. I am super excited to see what this CRAZY busy summer will bring & I can’t wait to take you on this journey.

 P.S. I probably won’t be posting the images daily, but I will be taking them everyday & will most likely post a bunch all at once. I started this challenge on June 1st- so here is a bit of a re-cap of Summer Unscripted 2015.

(1/100) Our hostel in Sligo had the raddest light.

summer unscripted-0001

(2/100) For our last full day in Ireland we went to Belfast & saw Giants Causeway. This is not it. Just some trees that they call “The Black Hedge”.

summer unscripted-0002

(3/100) Waiting for our bus, goodbye to the land of colourful doors.

summer unscripted-0003

(4/100) After 11 hours of flights & 17 hours of waiting in the Toronto Airport, we finally made it back to Canada & had a very chill day at the house.

summer unscripted-0004

(5/100) Made it back home just in time for Shelley’s graduation! Actually super proud of her.

summer unscripted-0005

(6/100) Family time with my favourite little family.

summer unscripted-0006

(7/100) Spits & Sunsets, back in my hometown.

summer unscripted-0007

(8/100) Morning coffee.

summer unscripted-0008

(9/100) Location scouting & heart to hearts.

summer unscripted-0009-2

(10/100) Classic three hour paddle boating bonding.

summer unscripted-0010

(11/100) Every time I go back to La Crete for a visit, I always make time for Val & Conner. We have the ability to pick up right where we left off, after not talking to each other for months. Forever friends.

summer unscripted-0011

(12/100) Tickle fights with Hannah Banana & Meg Pie.

summer unscripted-0012

(13/100) After a long day of photographing Graduates, it was so good to enjoy some time with my people.

summer unscripted-0013

(14/100) Sunday’s.

summer unscripted-0014

(15/100) Leaving the nest once again. Bye familia.

summer unscripted-0015

(16/100) I missed this. Watching two people fall deeper in love throughout an engagement session.

summer unscripted-0016

(17/100) May we never lose our wander, may we be just like a child.