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Sydney & Spencer are hilarious & adorable. We adventured to Banff for their engagement shoot & it was nothing short of amazing! They are so easy going & so much fun to be around. Their energy & love is something I admire & I  can not wait for their July Wedding in Edmonton! [...]

Kaihla & Mark // Lifestyle

"I love you on rainy days. When we sit and listen to the rain whilst cuddled up in blankets. When I fall asleep on your chest and you kiss my forehead to wake me up. When I tell you I love your voice as much as I love the sound of the rain. I love you on sunny days. When we lie on our backs and watch the clouds go by and we run through the sunflowers fields. When you[...]

Shelley & Carter // Bridal Shoot

A cold winter day filled with love & hugs. Shelley & Carter were willing to model for me for a bridal photoshoot & I am so very thankful they did!  They spent the afternoon giggling, cuddling & showing each other how much they care. Thank you Shelley & Carter for being extremely beautiful, for looking at each other with love, & for allowing me[...]

Rosanne & Joe // La Crete Photographer

To the couple who makes me believe in true love: Thank you <3 Thank you for always holding each other close- through times of love & hardship. Thank you for always setting an example of what a beautiful, honest relationship should look like. Thank you for always standing up for each other & encouraging each other. You are beautiful. Thank you for allowing [...]

While I was in Vancouver I got to connect with some pretty rad people. Jess & Nick were some of them. Sarah Nickerson (from The Nickerson's Photography) & I, got to spend an afternoon laughing & talking (& taking photos) of Jess & Nick. Their story is sweet, hilarious & beautiful & I am so thankful I got to capture it for them. 

While talking to Hilary & Derek about what they wanted for their shoot, they really emphasized the fact that they just wanted a nice evening of hanging out, & just being themselves. I LOVE when couples want exactly that! Just to cuddle up close around the campfire & take a walk along the waterside. I had such a blast being able to capture moments of this b[...]