january 19, 2020

i changed my instagram bio today. while this may seem like a menial task, for me it felt like creatively situating my 25 years of existence into a confined space of 150 characters. 

i don’t think these small bios could ever fit the vastness of anyone’s humanity but i tried to find words that hold meaning to me & what i hope to become. i’m trying my very best to live a life of wholeness outside of this app but today, i am hoping to bring some of that here. wholeness for me looks like life in the grey. it’s a lot easier for me to fit experiences, people, God, careers, into tidy, black + white boxes. good or bad. enjoyment or boredom. kind or evil. career A or career B. one of the boxes i have put myself in over the years is “photographer”. i have spent the past five years limiting myself to one identity, when in fact, i am so much more than that. i am a friend to a group of amazing individuals. i get to do life & birthdays & monday’s & pregnancies & weddings & hard times & good times with them. i am a sister, which essentially holds the same list i used for “friend” but is limited to three people. within these two identities i have found that i am also a huge helper/listener. i absolutely love listening. i love sitting across from someone who i know deeply or who i don’t know at all & getting the divine privilege to hear their story, their hurt, their pain, their joy, or simply, their day. since discovering that listening is a big piece of who i am, i added a new identity to my list: student! student, in hopes of one day becoming someone who listens to people professionally, therapist (!!!!) last january was my first semester back in university! i hid this on social media & in most conversations because in my brain, limiting your view of me to only “photographer” seems like the easier approach. photographer fits into a simple, clean, digestible, box while photographer plus student, plus one day therapist seems a lot more confusing. a huge part of me is honestly scared that people will think less of me as a photographer or they won’t want me in their sacred moments anymore because of this new role and that terrifies me… however i am choosing to live in the wholeness of the grey & welcome you outside the tidy box i love so much. i am both a sister & friend. both a listener & a helper. both incredibly honoured to be a photographer & so excited to have the title of “student” once again. this is the middle, the messy middle, i welcome you to it & i’m so SO glad you’re here. 

my new bio: 

photographing moments of impact (for myself + others)

she/her, friend, sister, student, listener, wannabe writer

i’m so glad you’re here☀️

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