Tears, Vows + Donuts on Whyte Ave

Its been at least 17 years since i last blogged, but this wedding was worth breaking the no – blogging streak. I am very thankful for this wedding day. Coming out of a long, hard winter I was very nervous going into wedding season. I always say how this job is so weird because you have SUCH a slow winter with sporadic work here and there and then you get into summer and you are suppose to be on ALL the time. There are no breaks and its crazy and constant. I find it really difficult to find a rhythm from winter season to summer craziness. In the winter I start doubting if this is what I should be doing and then weddings like this come around and I am reminded why I do this. Why I LOVE this. Thank you Ashley and Rye for letting me document your wedding day – I am very thankful for both of you!