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new assistant !!!!!

exciting news !!!! i have hired my very first assistant / second shooter for the busy summer months !!!! everybody, drum roll please for mr. jeremy fehr !!! i’m sure you recognize him from my posts / insta stories but if not let me introduce him a little bit. jer & i grew up together in the same town & became best buddies when we were 16 + 17. in 2015 we both decided to move to calgary & become roommates; we’ve been living together ever since!! he is creative, caring, kind, helpful & has an amazing eye !! i’m honestly so excited to spend the summer with him capturing the most amazing couples on their special day. jeremy is going to make each wedding better with his support, kindness, & thoughtfulness with each exited bride & every nervous groom. so let’s ask him some questions!
what were your last three jobs?
-youth drop in centre
what are you doing right now?
self tanning
what’s your dream concert?
shawn mendes
what’s your dream pet?
golden retriever or lady from lady + the tramp
if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

yay!!! very excited to have him along to help this summer!! ALSO, if you read up to here, congratulations, you’re one of the firsts to know that we are coming to a youtube channel near you!! that’s right, we’ll be vlogging the whole summer! YAY! okay that’s all for now. love you alllllllll <3

all photos taken by the amazing Tegan Jay Photography !!!!