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Bobby & Mackenzie’s Surprise Wedding | Victoria, BC

I am SO honored to travel throughout Canada for your beautiful, intimate, weddings. I am SO thankful that you beautiful humans TRUST me enough to come and document one of the most important days of your life. It still blows my mind every single time I get a lengthy email about why you want me to be there for your wedding day and what the day is going to look like. It blows my mind how you guys will plan your wedding day AROUND my schedule. It truly is THE biggest honour. & I am so very thankful. This wedding, was one for the books. From the first phone call talking about a SURPRISE WEDDING, to the final boat ride the morning after the wedding – everything about it was truly perfect.

I got a phone call from Jenna, (sister of the Groom) about two weeks before their family vacation in BC. Her, the groom & bride had a brilliant plan to surprise elope while on their family vacation, surprising everyone in the family and getting married right on their Yacht! I, a deep lover of surprises said, HECK YES, I AM IN. Planning a surprise wedding comes with a large amount of good, white lies. We told the family that I had a wedding on the island on Saturday, (not true, I had a wedding in Jasper, Alberta) so I could come to them on Sunday and take their “family photos”. It was the perfect plan. The Mother of the Groom, even messaged me and told me how excited she was that I was available for their family photos! Everything about it, was perfect.

The night before their wedding, Bobby & Mackenzie stood up at dinner to say a “simple” toast to the family. They talked about how grateful they were to have family like they do, and how it was not just family, but friends. Bobby thanked them for welcoming Mackenzie into the family at the start of their relationship. He talked about their engagement, that happened two years ago and how his family never thought that they would see the day when they would finally tie the knot… and with that, he said, “BUT TOMORROW, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED ON PENDER ISLAND.” All you could hear was his sister Jessica exclaiming, “WHAT?!” and burst of laughter and excitement all over the yacht. Everyone was in complete shock. It was the perfect surprise.

When you explain to people that you took a private plane to get married on an island and then went to the yacht for the reception, it all sounds a little snobby or high class or whatever. But let me be the first to tell you, that is NOT what this experience was AT ALL. These people are so kind, so generous, so loving and so close that it was just the most calm, relaxed, chill, intimate wedding that I have ever been to. Throughout the whole day, there was just this overwhelming sense of unity and love throughout the family. It was personal, it was intimate, it was so down to earth that it brought me to tears, it brought me to cry from laughing so hard, it made me feel so loved and important that I got to be the one to document this intimate, sacred love.

Bobby & Mackenzie (and family), thank you. From the deepest parts of my heart, thank you. Thank you for bringing me alongside of you on this amazing surprise wedding. Thank you for trusting me to document your day. Thank you for being kind and generous. Thank you for making sure that I was looked after on YOUR wedding day. Thank you for going out of your way to say kind things to me. Thank you for letting me eat and drink with you. Thank you for welcoming me in. I am so very thankful & will never stop speaking so highly of you all.


We started the day in Victoria, and took the Yacht to Pender Island.

When we got to the island, Bobby (the groom) & I did some location scouting to find the perfect spot to get married later that day! & we found it. Look how perfect this little spot is!

One dream that Bobby & Mackenzie had for their wedding day was to get a photo in a little row boat. Well, right when we got back to the Yacht after portraits, the cutest women was rowing by & was SO generous and let us use her boat for a few shots! I love the kindness of strangers.

Sidenote: go listen to Mikes music right now!! You can find him on Apple Music at Mike Edel.



Eden | YYC

When I was a fresh out of photo college student, I was terrified to take any photos in harsh light/in the middle of the day/ basically anything that was not back lit. This is something that I think most photographers struggle with because being in the photography industry we hear things like “only shoot in golden hour” or “harsh lighting is unflattering.” But my friends, don’t be afraid of shooting in the middle of the day! Embrace it. Love it. Look for that light & get that shot. Don’t be afraid of shooting in different types of light. Learn from it. Allow the light to teach you what is good for your subject. Experiment! Embrace it! Whooohooo!! Thank you Eden for being my subject and for being amazing.



Steven Driedger Music | Three Hills

// I love, love, LOVE photographing other individuals who are passionate about their craft. Steven, is coming out with his first EP Album & I got to photograph the artwork for it!! So stoked/honoured to get to connect with creative, like minded, passionate humans! Let’s support each other as artists & watch each other succeed!! WOOOHOOO. Community > Competition.



Hannah’s Graduation | Red Deer

graduation sessions are just so SO much fun. i lovvveee spending time with all of you RAD graduates. while my main love is weddings/couples, graduates are just such a breath of fresh air/have such a different energy that they bring to the front of my lens & it is just so so GOOD. Thank you Hannah for being epic/the  coolest/such a beauty. i had such a blast with you & was so blessed hearing all of your goals/dreams for the future. can’t wait to see the places you’ll go. xx





























Alex | Freedom Session

Freedom Sessions, 09.30.15


I believe that we, as women believe a lot of lies about ourselves. Whether it be an opinion that someone has about you or a breakup that left you feeling worthless we begin to buy into those feelings and those lies. There are soooo many lies that I tend to believe about myself. Things like “you are worthless,” “you are not enough,” “you are unworthy,” “you are not loved or desired,” “you are forgotten,” and “you are broken and too much work to fix.” These and so many other lies, allow our hearts to become heavy, burdened and hidden. We hide ourselves because we believe that there is no beauty to unveil. We are afraid of being left behind, afraid of being vulnerable again and getting hurt. So we harden our hearts and say, “This will never happen to me again.” And then we proceed to do everything in our power to make that the truth. We hide behind our fake smiles, we hide behind busy schedules. We make ourselves so busy so that we don’t have a second to stop and actually listen to our hurting, captive heart. But my desire, is for us to stop. To stop believing these lies and instead be covered, emerged, and flooded with truth. The truth that you are beautiful. You are worth fighting for. You are not alone. You are desired. You are worthy of love. You are chosen. You have purpose. You are cared for. You are looked after. You are valued and important. You and your story matter. You are significant. You are enough. You are immensely loved – passionately and fiercely. I believe this with my whole heart – with everything in me.


You may feel broken and in bondage from the lies that you have been believing for years but I’m here to let you know that there is freedom!! There is freedom for your burdened soul. In that freedom, you will find life, hope, joy and peace. These sessions are a safe place for you to come and let go of all of the hurt, anger, bitterness, and lies you’ve been believing. It is a time to stop from our busy schedules and to be covered in truth- to start believing the truth and stop hiding behind all of the lies. I can promise that this session will probably push you outside of your comfort zone, and I can promise that I won’t ask easy questions- not because I need to know, but because I believe that there is more for your heart and I want to see freedom and breakthrough. I believe in truth. I believe in freedom. I believe in love. So I can’t promise that you will be comfortable but I can promise that you will be in a safe place- a place where you can share your heart and your story. Free from judgment. Whether this be in a riverbed surrounded by the tallest mountains, or somewhere in a quiet room, I want you to be able to quiet your heart and start believing the truth. I promise that my truest desire is to see chains be broken and for you to see what I see in you. I see a fighter. I see beauty. I see someone who is worth it. I see someone who is strong. I see someone who is loved – as you are. You are loved. Fiercely. Deeply. Passionately.


I know that these session won’t be for everyone, but I do believe that the words above are. So still your heart, quiet your mind & let love wash over you. Please don’t hesitate to message me if you want more info about these freedom sessions! or if you simply want to share your heart with me, I would LOVE to hear from you ♡

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you are loved. xo, t


There is so much beauty behind the skin of a women. The beauty of her mind & soul. The beauty of the way she see’s the earth & how she fits into it. Let’s stop being distracted by outward beauty & change the way we think about it. Let’s make it something that is more than a measurement & more than perfect skin & hair. Let’s find the beauty within.

We ventured to an old abandoned house & found some neat light & found the beauty within.

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Kaileen & I have been friends for forever. She just recently moved to Edmonton in the fall & of course, we decided we wanted to be roommates!  Since we have known each other for so long & are quite different from each other- people are always asking us what it is like to live together (expecting us to say something negative) BUT that is never the case. Kaileen is truly one of the sweetest humans I have ever known. She is kind, encouraging, humble, opinionated, loyal & down right hilarious. (ALSO BEAUTIFUL) I am so thankful for our friendship & will cherish it forever. Being roommates with two other photographers, she has got the modelling gig down & kindly agreed to go on an adventure with me & model for me on a very cold, very snowy day in La Crete, AB.

IMG_2276 IMG_2278 IMG_2294 IMG_2309 IMG_2339 IMG_2341 IMG_2368 IMG_2397 IMG_2423 IMG_2484 IMG_2489