Chelsey & Brandon Wedding | Banff

Chelsey & Brandon’s wedding was one out of the 14 weddings that was happening in Banff on that exact day. When we were heading down to the lake we had to wait for a photographer doing another bride’s photos, which was NBD – but while we were waiting, I couldn’t help but reaffirm the value of COMMUNITY >>>>> COMPETITION. Always. Photographers tend to, (myself included) become jealous over others work, over the fact that they get to shoot in the mountains and maybe you dont, etc etc etc… You guys, on Chelsey & Brandon’s wedding day alone, there were 14 OTHER weddings in the mountains. There are enough weddings to go around for ALL of us. There is no need to be angry/sad/jealous over what another photographer is doing – there are enough weddings for all of us & there is no need to be competitive, or rude or entitled. Let’s focus on what we are doing & look inward at why we want the weddings we want & your clients – the ones you are dreaming to photograph in that dream location, will come to you! They will come I promise. Chelsey & Brandon did for me & it was such a glorious day. C & B are those kind of people that you always want to be around. The ones that are always smiling or telling you how great you are – they are so kind & so giving. I am so thankful that our paths crossed & I got to be the one out of the 14 other photographers shooting in Banff that day to photograph YOUR special day. //


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