i am a 25-year-old woman living + loving in calgary, canada. i have been photographing people + places since i was 18 and it has become second nature to me, my camera acts as my third hand. i have the divine privilege to photograph humans in a myriad of stages in life. i have photographed friendships, graduations, proposals, engagements, weddings, surprise weddings, elopements, maternities, deliveries, families, business start-ups and more. regardless of the stage of life, the humans standing in front of me is what makes photography so magical. i care so deeply for people who cross my path because i know, more than anything, that we need each other. we need human connection and whether we like to admit it or not, we need relationship. i adore photography because i get to capture that need. i get to collect the proof that when we are within community, friendships and relationships, we thrive. i love what i get to do. i love the people, the places, the cultures and the religions that i get to come in contact with. i hold your wedding day as something sacred because I know the weight it carries. i hold you and your partner with gratitude because i know the work it takes to live in healthy relationship. i hold your story with admiration because I know you’ve chosen love, time and time again. i hold photography with an overwhelming amount of thankfulness because it is my way of making this corner of the world brighter and more filled with love. we need each other. not as photographer to client, but as human to human. to make the world better and brighter. to end oppression, to end suffering, to end hate. we need each other and we need more love and more light to share with the world. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” (MLK) i am so glad you are here. it would be my honor to capture your love and watch it light up the world.