Rayah – 6 Months | La Crete

// Rosanne is my sister & her love story with my brother in law is the one that makes me truly believe in love. True, real, honest, steadfast, unwavering love. Growing up, Rosanne always wanted to be a mom. That was her thing, that was what she wanted. & after 5 years of marriage & waiting & God saying no – she believed that Jesus was finally enough for her. That with or without a kid, He would be enough. That He alone could satisfy any desire that she had within her to become a mom & that even if she didn’t become one, that would be okay because He was enough. Just as she started to believe this – God blessed them with a beautiful baby girl, Rayah Marie (my sweet niece, #ourrayahsunshine). It’s funny how God works. That all He desires is closer relationship with us. All He wants is for us to seek Him & His Kingdom first & then all of these things will be added to you. He is kind. He does not withhold His love from us. He is good – with, or without Rayah, He still would have been good. But wowwowowoww, a life with Rayah – I don’t even want to imagine what that would be like. I am so thankful for her & for how she has changed our family forever.


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