Shelley & Carter // Bridal Shoot

A cold winter day filled with love & hugs.

Shelley & Carter were willing to model for me for a bridal photoshoot & I am so very thankful they did!  They spent the afternoon giggling, cuddling & showing each other how much they care. Thank you Shelley & Carter for being extremely beautiful, for looking at each other with love, & for allowing me to capture this chapter of your story for you.

Shelley & Carter-0004 Shelley & Carter-0018 Shelley & Carter-0021 Shelley & Carter-0025 Shelley & Carter-0031 Shelley & Carter-0036 Shelley & Carter-0042 Shelley & Carter-0052 Shelley & Carter-0062 Shelley & Carter-0066 Shelley & Carter-0075 Shelley & Carter-0080 Shelley & Carter-0083 Shelley & Carter-0087 Shelley & Carter-0090 Shelley & Carter-0093 Shelley & Carter-0095 Shelley & Carter-0099 Shelley & Carter-0103 Shelley & Carter-0104 Shelley & Carter-0106 Shelley & Carter-0113 Shelley & Carter-0114 Shelley & Carter-0123

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