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Sydney & Spencer | Banff Engagement

Sydney & Spencer are hilarious & adorable. We adventured to Banff for their engagement shoot & it was nothing short of amazing! They are so easy going & so much fun to be around. Their energy & love is something I admire & I  can not wait for their July Wedding in Edmonton!

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There is so much beauty behind the skin of a women. The beauty of her mind & soul. The beauty of the way she see’s the earth & how she fits into it. Let’s stop being distracted by outward beauty & change the way we think about it. Let’s make it something that is more than a measurement & more than perfect skin & hair. Let’s find the beauty within.

We ventured to an old abandoned house & found some neat light & found the beauty within.

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Kaileen & I have been friends for forever. She just recently moved to Edmonton in the fall & of course, we decided we wanted to be roommates!  Since we have known each other for so long & are quite different from each other- people are always asking us what it is like to live together (expecting us to say something negative) BUT that is never the case. Kaileen is truly one of the sweetest humans I have ever known. She is kind, encouraging, humble, opinionated, loyal & down right hilarious. (ALSO BEAUTIFUL) I am so thankful for our friendship & will cherish it forever. Being roommates with two other photographers, she has got the modelling gig down & kindly agreed to go on an adventure with me & model for me on a very cold, very snowy day in La Crete, AB.

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