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Kaileen & I have been friends for forever. She just recently moved to Edmonton in the fall & of course, we decided we wanted to be roommates!  Since we have known each other for so long & are quite different from each other- people are always asking us what it is like to live together (expecting us to say something negative) BUT that is never the case. Kaileen is truly one of the sweetest humans I have ever known. She is kind, encouraging, humble, opinionated, loyal & down right hilarious. (ALSO BEAUTIFUL) I am so thankful for our friendship & will cherish it forever. Being roommates with two other photographers, she has got the modelling gig down & kindly agreed to go on an adventure with me & model for me on a very cold, very snowy day in La Crete, AB.

IMG_2276 IMG_2278 IMG_2294 IMG_2309 IMG_2339 IMG_2341 IMG_2368 IMG_2397 IMG_2423 IMG_2484 IMG_2489

Rosanne & Joe // La Crete Photographer

To the couple who makes me believe in true love:

Thank you <3 Thank you for always holding each other close- through times of love & hardship. Thank you for always setting an example of what a beautiful, honest relationship should look like. Thank you for always standing up for each other & encouraging each other. You are beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to capture your story.

Rosanne & Joe-0127Rosanne & Joe-0119  Rosanne & Joe-0114Rosanne & Joe-0112Rosanne & Joe-0110Rosanne & Joe-0108Rosanne & Joe-0106Rosanne & Joe-0103Rosanne & Joe-0100Rosanne & Joe-0097Rosanne & Joe-0095  Rosanne & Joe-0091 Rosanne & Joe-0089  Rosanne & Joe-0080   Rosanne & Joe-0065Rosanne & Joe-0063Rosanne & Joe-0061Rosanne & Joe-0056 Rosanne & Joe-0055 Rosanne & Joe-0054Rosanne & Joe-0052  Rosanne & Joe-0049Rosanne & Joe-0047Rosanne & Joe-0044 Rosanne & Joe-0029Rosanne & Joe-0027Rosanne & Joe-0023Rosanne & Joe-0020 Rosanne & Joe-0019 Rosanne & Joe-0018 Rosanne & Joe-0017 Rosanne & Joe-0016 Rosanne & Joe-0012 Rosanne & Joe-0011 Rosanne & Joe-0010 Rosanne & Joe-0009 Rosanne & Joe-0008 Rosanne & Joe-0007Rosanne & Joe-0004

Hilary & Derek // La Crete Couple Photographer

While talking to Hilary & Derek about what they wanted for their shoot, they really emphasized the fact that they just wanted a nice evening of hanging out, & just being themselves. I LOVE when couples want exactly that! Just to cuddle up close around the campfire & take a walk along the waterside. I had such a blast being able to capture moments of this beautiful couple in their element.

Hilary & Derek-0004 Hilary & Derek-0162 Hilary & Derek-0161 Hilary & Derek-0160 Hilary & Derek-0157 Hilary & Derek-0154 Hilary & Derek-0147 Hilary & Derek-0144 Hilary & Derek-0141 Hilary & Derek-0138 Hilary & Derek-0133 Hilary & Derek-0132 Hilary & Derek-0131 Hilary & Derek-0130 Hilary & Derek-0127 Hilary & Derek-0122 Hilary & Derek-0120 Hilary & Derek-0113 Hilary & Derek-0111 Hilary & Derek-0108 Hilary & Derek-0107 Hilary & Derek-0104 Hilary & Derek-0102 Hilary & Derek-0094 Hilary & Derek-0093 Hilary & Derek-0087 Hilary & Derek-0084 Hilary & Derek-0082 Hilary & Derek-0077 Hilary & Derek-0067 Hilary & Derek-0061 Hilary & Derek-0060 Hilary & Derek-0050 Hilary & Derek-0045 Hilary & Derek-0044 Hilary & Derek-0040 Hilary & Derek-0036 Hilary & Derek-0032