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Kaihla & Mark // Lifestyle

“I love you on rainy days. When we sit and listen to the rain whilst cuddled up in blankets. When I fall asleep on your chest and you kiss my forehead to wake me up. When I tell you I love your voice as much as I love the sound of the rain.

I love you on sunny days. When we lie on our backs and watch the clouds go by and we run through the sunflowers fields. When your eyes sparkle in the sunshine and you kiss my suntanned cheek.

I love you on stormy days. When things feel dark and the thunder scares me. When you hold me tight and swear to never let me go. When you promise to stay until the storm passes.

I love you on snowy days. When you laugh as I dance around in the snowfall and kiss me in the blizzard. When you notice how my eyes gleam when everything is covered in white. When we cuddle on the couch, desperately trying to stay warm.

I love you through all the seasons, through the sunshine and rain and storm and snow and change.”

I haven’t know Kaihla & Mark for a very long time but I instantly saw how DEEPLY they loved & how deeply they loved each other. They are kind, caring people who constantly welcome people into their life & into their home. I have learnt so much from them in the past two months; about the true meaning of community & what really makes a successful business. I am so thankful for their hearts & for allowing me to capture the beauty that their love is. Kaihla & Mark feel secure & safe in their dwelling place so we wanted to do this shoot in their home. The place that they would be able to feel comfortable & completely themselves. Thank you Kaihla & Mark for allowing me to watch your beautiful story unfold. I love being a part of it! xo.

Kaihla & Mark-0001 Kaihla & Mark-0002 Kaihla & Mark-0003 Kaihla & Mark-0004 Kaihla & Mark-0005 Kaihla & Mark-0006 Kaihla & Mark-0007 Kaihla & Mark-0008 Kaihla & Mark-0009 Kaihla & Mark-0010 Kaihla & Mark-0011 Kaihla & Mark-0012 Kaihla & Mark-0013 Kaihla & Mark-0014 Kaihla & Mark-0015 Kaihla & Mark-0016 Kaihla & Mark-0017 Kaihla & Mark-0018 Kaihla & Mark-0019 Kaihla & Mark-0020 Kaihla & Mark-0021 Kaihla & Mark-0022 Kaihla & Mark-0023 Kaihla & Mark-0024 Kaihla & Mark-0025 Kaihla & Mark-0026 Kaihla & Mark-0027 Kaihla & Mark-0028 Kaihla & Mark-0029 Kaihla & Mark-0030 Kaihla & Mark-0031 Kaihla & Mark-0032 Kaihla & Mark-0033 Kaihla & Mark-0034 Kaihla & Mark-0035 Kaihla & Mark-0036 Kaihla & Mark-0037 Kaihla & Mark-0038 Kaihla & Mark-0039 Kaihla & Mark-0040 Kaihla & Mark-0041 Kaihla & Mark-0042 Kaihla & Mark-0043 Kaihla & Mark-0044 Kaihla & Mark-0045 Kaihla & Mark-0046 Kaihla & Mark-0047 Kaihla & Mark-0048 Kaihla & Mark-0049 Kaihla & Mark-0050 Kaihla & Mark-0051 Kaihla & Mark-0052 Kaihla & Mark-0053 Kaihla & Mark-0054 Kaihla & Mark-0055 Kaihla & Mark-0056 Kaihla & Mark-0057 Kaihla & Mark-0058 Kaihla & Mark-0059 Kaihla & Mark-0060 Kaihla & Mark-0061 Kaihla & Mark-0062 Kaihla & Mark-0063 Kaihla & Mark-0064 Kaihla & Mark-0065 Kaihla & Mark-0066 Kaihla & Mark-0067 Kaihla & Mark-0068 Kaihla & Mark-0069 Kaihla & Mark-0070 Kaihla & Mark-0071 Kaihla & Mark-0072 Kaihla & Mark-0073 Kaihla & Mark-0074 Kaihla & Mark-0075 Kaihla & Mark-0076 Kaihla & Mark-0077 Kaihla & Mark-0078 Kaihla & Mark-0079 Kaihla & Mark-0080 Kaihla & Mark-0081 Kaihla & Mark-0082 Kaihla & Mark-0083 Kaihla & Mark-0084 Kaihla & Mark-0085 Kaihla & Mark-0086 Kaihla & Mark-0087 Kaihla & Mark-0088 Kaihla & Mark-0089 Kaihla & Mark-0090 Kaihla & Mark-0091 Kaihla & Mark-0092